International Healing & Televangelist
Founder & CEO, Born Again Ministries International, Inc.
Chief Apostle and International Presiding Prelate (Bishop) of
Born Again Ministries International Fellowship of Churches and Ministries (BAMI-FOCM)
Founder & CEO, Kevin Kemp Ministries (KKM) International, Inc.

Apostle K.E. Kemp, Sr., is the founder and Chief Apostle of Born Again Ministries International, Inc. (BAMI), a non-denominational, World Evangelistic Outreach and Missions Ministry, and is recognized as the “be yourself” preacher of the gospel and an anointed apostolic leader in his Christian community and around the world. He is called to the nations as an Apostle, apostolic father, leader, mentor, Televangelist, International Healing & Deliverance Evangelist, Missionary, Teacher, Prophet, Pastor, lawman, and businessman, among others for which Apostle Kemp has gained acclaim.  He is the International Presiding Prelate of the Born Again Ministries International Fellowship of Churches and Ministries (BAMI-FOCM) and the Senior Pastor of Born Again Ministries International Church located in Fayetteville, NC, with other USA church and ministry plants in North Carolina, Alaska, California, Tennessee, Missouri, Ohio, and Alabama. Apostle Kemp and BAMI Church serves is under the apostolic fellowship covering of Apostle Kyle C. Searcy, the Presiding Bishop of Fresh Oil Fellowship of Churches International headquartered in Montgomery Alabama.

He has seven years of military experience, is a retired police officer with over twenty-three years in law enforcement, and has received formal education to include college, biblical courses, and other professional and leadership training's. In 1993, having grown up in a spirit-filled church (PAW), he re-dedicated his life to Christ after drifting without a sail for twelve years and going nowhere fast. In 1997, after serving as a deacon for several years and accepting his call into the ministry, he was licensed by his Pastor & Presiding Bishop as a Minister in the Church of God in Christ (COGIC). In this same year, he founded Born Again Ministries after being reassigned in the Alaska village of Aniak as an Alaska State Trooper. It was there that God birthed the burden and evangelistic call to the nations and the home & foreign mission field. In 1998 he was ordained as an Elder. Apostle Kemp faithfully served in the COGIC for 13 years as the Bus Ministry Driver, then President, Deacon Board Member, Assistant Men's Ministry President, adjutant security driver for the Presiding Bishop, Sunday School Teacher, YMCC Men's Ministry President, Assistant Pastor, 1st Associate Pastor, Pastor of the Missions & Outreach Ministries Department, State Church Marshal, Alaska District & State Home & Foreign Missions President, and as a registered COGIC National Evangelist and National Church Marshal.

Since this call, Apostle Kemp has worked for, traveled with, and been mentored by such ministers as Dr. Marilyn Hickey, Pastor Benny Hinn, Pastor Tim Storey, and Pastor Rod Parsley. Since the year 2000, Apostle Kemp has traveled and ministered in the gifts of helps, healing, miracles, faith, deliverance, and the saving power of Jesus Christ in such countries as China, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Bolivia, Indonesia, Israel, Russia, Latvia, India, Africa, Sweden, Pakistan, and the Philippines. Since 2003, Apostle Kemp has also conducted international  healing crusades where over 100,000 people attended and over 25,000 people gave their heart to the Lord in one meeting. In 2005, Born Again Ministries “International" was incorporated. The year 2006 was a year of Apostolic transition for Apostle Kemp. In 2006, he traveled to Kabul, Afghanistan where he lived, started, and pastored two churches for over 4 years until Feb. 2011, when he set pastors and lay- leaders over the work. In 2007, as a result of his years of faithfulness unto the service of Lord, Apostle Kemp was consecrated as a Bishop and currently presides over 700 Churches and Pastors through-out Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Africa (Nairobi-Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Malawi, Liberia, Zimbabwe), Nepal, Sweden, and the Philippines. On August 25, 2012, after serving 5 years in the bishopric and proven apostolic ministry, Apostle Kemp was "affirmed" as an Apostle by the laying on of hands of three other apostles; Apostle Dr. J. Lemuel Spence, Apostle Kyle C. Searcy, and Apostle William T. Ford. Apostle Kemp has traveled in ministry to over 18 countries and continues to receive many invitations to teach pastors and leaders, and to minister in Christ's saving, delivering, and healing power internationally around the world. As of 2013, Apostle Kemp has added USA churches and ministries in NC, CA, TN, OH, AK, AL, MO, and 20 churches in Haiti under his apostolic mentorship and covering.

Apostle Kemp has authored such soul winning training materials as the “ABC’s of Soul Winning” and “Seed & Harvest Soul Winning.” He has two published books; "Word Power Series for Healing and Word Power Series for Deliverance", with a third book due for release in May 2015. He has countless hours of teaching and training in the gifts of healing, deliverance, evangelism, missions, and world outreach. In April 2015, Apostle Dr. Kemp graduated with a Doctor of Divinity Degree from St. Thomas Christian University in Jacksonville, FL.  Apostle Kemp ministry has been featured on both TBN Africa and TCT Christian Televsion Networks. He is currently the hosted of two international television programs, one called "Faith by Hearing" airing on Kanal10 Asia to 4.4 Billion people in 70 countries, and the other called "Enlarging Your Place" airing on The NOW Network to over 2 Million USA homes and over the internet.

Apostle Kemp is also the founder of Kevin Kemp Ministries (KKM) International Inc., a world outreach evangelistic ministry called to make, train, and send disciples to touch the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through preaching, teaching, and evangelism by the power of the Holy Ghost in healing and deliverance, with miracles, and signs & wonders following. KKM also serves in covenant fellowship with Bishop (Prophet) Dr. Antonio Burroughs Sr., D.D., PhD., the Presiding Prelate of Ambassors For Christ International Fellowship of Churches & Ministries (AFCIFOCM) Inc., in world evangelism, leadership development, and Kingdom growth as the Second Presiding Bishop, Bishop of Foreign Affairs and Protocol, and Chief Executive Protection Security Adjutant for Bishop Burroughs.

Apostle Kemp left his hometown of Detroit Michigan in 1983, to join the military and ended that career in Alaska in 1989. After nearly 25 years in Alaska, Apostle Kemp moved to Sanford North Carolina in 2008 and is now in Phase II of building the 5-part vision project of the new (1) KKM/BAMI World Outreach Ministry Headquarters Office, (2) 24hr/7day International Prayer & Worship Room, (3) Born Again Ministries International "Headquarters" Church re-plant in the City of Fayetteville (4) World Outreach Television Media Center, and (5) International School of Ministry.

Apostle Kemp is married to his wife from Greenville/Ayden NC and best
friend Elect-Lady, Overseer & Evangelist Pamela Kemp whom he met
in Alaska in 1985 while both serving in the U.S. Army. They share
two children together; a son named Kevin Jr. age 20 and a daughter
named Kevina age 17, both of whom have been called into ministry.

Glory be to God for all He has done and counting us faithful, putting us
into the ministry. ++AKSR,D.D.  

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