This page is my way of honoring those who have influence and are influencing my life and ministry.
Bishop C.D. Williams, Prelate, Church of God in Christ, Alaska Jurisdiction, Pastor, Greater Friendly Temple COGIC Photo Taken: Fall 1998 (My Pastor, Spiritual Dad, & Mentor in the faith 93 - 07).
Elder Avon Lynch (YPWW, State President) & Elder Kevin Kemp (Home & Foreign Missions, State President) Alaska Jurisdiction, Church of God in Christ, (Elder Lynch, my "Brother's Keeper " and True Friend in the Ministry)Photo: Aug. 2000
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International Healing Evangelist, Pastor Tim Storey and Pastor Kemp taken July 2001, on the Costa Rica Mission trip with his ministry team. (My Mentor in the Healing Ministry) See: www.TIMSTOREY.ORG
International Healing Evangelist, Dr. Marilyn Hickey and Pastor Kemp taken May 2002, on the China, Vietnam, Thailand Mission Trip with her ministry team. (Mentor in the calling of Missions and Healing Ministry). www.MHMIN.ORG

Pastor Rod Parsley, (My Mentor in the Healing Ministry, Evangelism, and World Outreach). Pastor Parsley has ministered "directly" into my life and greatly influenced our ministry direction and purpose. See

Pastor Kemp with Pastor's Mr. & Mrs Rev. Davis in Evergreen, Alabama after an awesome time in the Lord's presence during a three day Christmas Holiday Revival in 2004 & 2005. "Partners In Ministry"
Pastor Kemp and Pastor Anwar Fazal in Lahore, Pakistan as we prepare to depart to the Crusade Grounds for the three visit and revival in December 2004.
Pastor Kemp and Pastor Herb McCormick (my "other Brother's Keeper " and True Friend in the Ministry) of Alaska, and Pakistan Pastor Dr. Inayat Munawar taken during our five day Healing Crusade in October 2003.
Bishop Kemp and Bishop C.D. Williams, Prelate, Church of God in Christ, Alaska Jurisdiction     (My Spiritual Dad) Photo Taken 11-20-07oext.
Apostle Kemp (then Elder) and Apostle (then Pastor) Kyle Searcy, Pastor of the awesome Fresh Anointing International Church in Montgomery, Alabama               Taken Aug 2005.
Bishop Kemp and Bishop Marshall S. McGill of the awesome church & ministry, Kingdom Metropolitan Worship Centre in Columbus Georgia.                    Taken July 2010.
Bishop Kemp with Bishop Williams at his 93rd Birthday Service (Feb. 2012)
Apostle Kemp and Apostle James L. Spence of Word Harvest International FOC while serving as the Southern Jurisdictional Bishop, Board of Bishops Member, and Bishop of International Affairs (June 2011 - Sept.2013) Apostle Spence was the Chief Consecrator of my Aug. 2012 Apostolic Affirmation Service along with Apostle Kyle Searcy, Apostle William Ford, and Bishop Tyrone  Champion.
Pastor Benny Hinn (My Mentor in the Healing Ministry and World Outreach) and me serving on his Executive Protection Team (me 2nd from the left as he called the whole team on stage to pray for us in 2006). Pastor Hinn has ministered "directly" into my life and greatly influenced our ministry direction and purpose and continues to do so as seen in the second photo in Charlotte NC Sept. 27, 2013